Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If Robert Stern thinks it a good idea, sign us up.

Last month's issue of New York House Magazine featured an interview with the influential architect Robert A.M. Stern, at his firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects (RAMSA). We at Inside the Brackets happened to have been trained at an architecture school that was/is extremely sympathetic to Mr. Stern's traditional approach to architecture, interiors, and urban design.

While not specifically known for "sustainable design," the list of Stern's accomplishments in this arena is nonetheless impressive. For instance, his firm is responsible for the following:

  • the first LEED Platinum business school in the world;

  • the first LEED Platinum speculative and multi-tenant office building;

  • the first LEED-certified museum;

  • the first LEED-certified U.S. General Services Administration courthouse, among many others.
So you can see why when he talks, Inside the Brackets, among others, listen. From the article,

Sustainability is inherent in each project his firm touches. Says Stern:
'We don’t wear it on our sleeves, but it’s there... I don’t think we have any projects on board, nor have we had in a while, that haven’t had sustainability built into the agenda just like structural integrity. It’s a very important part of our practice.'

It is encouraging to know one of the best "traditional" firms is publically approaching sustainability not as an "add on" to a traditional design, but as an integral aspect. Also, it's nice for [1016] Architecture to have something in common with RAMSA.

Read full text here.

Inside the Brackets wasn't familiar with NY House Magazine until the GreenBuildingsNY 2009 Conference. It is a really striking publication: large format, good articles, and great photos. Check it out.

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