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Your Problem:
You are getting out-of-date real estate information and you want to know how to search the MLS for access to Long Island or Queens real estate information, just like an agent.

If you are searching the internet independently for real estate listings then you are probably running into the following frustrations:
  1. Fragmented searches on many different websites, none of which give you depth of information you are seeking.
  2. Since information is spread between different brokerage sites, it is difficult to keep a convenient record of which properties you liked or didn’t like.
  3. It is entirely too cumbersome to get additional information or schedule a showing for an interesting home without someone dedicated to helping you.
  4. Submitting questions online and dealing with multiple agents is frustrating and ineffective. Listing agents are too busy or they think you're not worth their time.
  5. An agent for a given property is not obligated to you as the buyer. The seller is their client, not you!

The Solution:
It is my goal to put the best available information at your fingertips and then be available as a professional resource to answer questions specific to your situation. I do that in association with a powerful and free website called

ListingBook puts the power of up-to-the-minute MLS searches at your fingertips and provides a single source for all listings, communications, and recordkeeping with me as your buyer’s agent. ListingBook increases the breadth of your search across all MLS Long Island listings, just like an agent, and consolidates results in one place.

You are in control and are free to update your searches as you see fit.

Also, with a free ListingBook account through me, I will be informed of the progress of your search and will be available to answer questions along the way. You will have access to a single agent as a dedicated resource.

After technology stops, the transaction begins, and that will always require the best people on your team.

About Me: Andrew Wilson, Architect and Realtor
I am a principal and co-founder of [1016] Architecture in New York and Chicago, and a Realtor with the New York office of I bring a unique perspective to the real estate purchase process and often see opportunities where others may not. With minor modifications some distressed properties can become your dream home. In depth knowledge of Chicago zoning and building codes allow me to guide you through the process of making that happen.

I have dedicated my professional life to learning as much as possible about the real estate market and the built environment. I am committed to sharing that knowledge with my clients through exceptional service.

For more information about me, please see my websites below. But don't leave until you sign up with the form on the right to search the MLS of Long Island and Queens like an agent.