Monday, April 26, 2010

Should you Remodel or "Move Up"?

According to the Wall Street Journal and the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, when pondering this question in 2010, even the majority of homeowners who are not "underwater" on their mortgages are feeling more apt to renovate their existing digs than sell and move to a different home.

This "Do More with Less" theme could well be the theme of 2010 and a nascent economic recovery. In that vein, we wanted to share this video showing how a little space combined with a lot of imagination can result in more than you expect.

The Wall Street Journal article also mentioned a "psychology return on investment" which we are proud to say we covered in one of our previous posts on Getting the Most Out of Home Improvements as "emotional return." A level-headed analysis of costs vs. value should definitely include this non-monetary return on improvements intended to be enjoyed over many years.

Read the full Wall Street Journal Article here.

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