Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wrightwood Crossing: Progress Update 2

Construction continues at a healthy clip over at Wrightwood Crossing, a GCorp Development project and [1016] Architecture design. This project is LEED registered with the certification goal of Platinum.

The activity is attracting attention in a neighborhood that otherwise has few projects under development at this time, and was recently featured on the blog ChiTown Living in a post called Wrightwood Crossing Rises.

Despite being a 19-unit building, efforts were made to ensure that the street frontage of the building fit the scale of the neighborhood. From the front, only the two and a half stories shown here will be visible. The third floor and penthouse levels will be set well back from this wall.
The deep site will be well landscaped with native plants and trees along this long side. The corners of the building (now empty) will be high-performance window walls for floor-to-ceiling views.

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  1. Looks like Wrightwood is coming along guys! I've got to make it up there to see it now that some walls/floors are in place. Are they continuing construction through the winter?

    - Brian

  2. Thanks, Brian.
    Some construction will continue as long as the current bitter cold lets up a little bit.
    Definitely worth passing by.
    Let us know if our sign is still there on the fence...they tend to wander off.

  3. Will do ... I'm planning on strolling by sometime before Christmas.


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