Monday, November 9, 2009

Wrightwood Crossing: Construction Progress

Wrightwood Crossing construction progress continues. First floor concrete plank is set, foundation is backfilled, and columns shown will support the second floor. Masons have begun laying the stone base which will eventually circle the whole building. Nothing too glamorous yet, but any construction activity in this environment is good news.

Speaking of news: the project was recently featured by, a leading website featuring green and sustainable architecture in the Chicago area. Click the link to the full article, "Wrightwood Crossing Adds a Green Touch to Lincoln Park," by Shafaq Choudry.

Caution tape, not a crime scene.

View from Northwest corner of front property line.

Rendering of final building. (Image by Studio 2a)

Wrightwood Crossing, a [1016] Architecture design, is LEED Registered with the certification goal of Platinum. The first group of the 19 overall units are scheduled for delivery in Spring 2010.

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