Friday, April 24, 2009

Collaboration is Key to Finding Client Value

[1016] Architecture is pleased to announce an ongoing collaboration with Unified Construction Group (UCG). The goal is to consult each other early on in a project timeline, to refer business reciprically, and to eventually contract services within a design-build project structure. Currently, [1016] Architecture is not a design-build firm; however, the table is set for a sophisticated client to experience the benefits of this collaboration.

Basically this boils down to [1016] and UCG recognizing that there is tremendous realized value for the client when the construction and design teams are on the same page from the beginning of the project.

From the UCG website:

Architectural & Design Services Coordination: UCG has partnered with reputable [1016] Architecture, Inc., a U.S. Green Building Council Member Firm, to provide a “one-stop” option for clients who choose to streamline the design and construction process. This option, also known as Design-Build delivery, has many inherent benefits to the client, including:

  • Quicker project delivery and greater scheduling accuracy:
    The architect and contractor are on the same page from the beginning, ensuring accurate project timetables are made and kept. Time is money.

  • Guaranteed project pricing:
    -Collaborative pre-construction services achieve efficient and accurate subcontractor buyouts, even as the final design undergoes value-driven changes
    -Schematic (early) design input from construction professionals insure value-driven design.

  • Single source responsibility:
    -One point of responsibility for the client means a “no-hassle” experience. Your design and construction entity are under one umbrella.
    -Minimized risk for claims and damages
    -Extended product warranties

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